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16 Amazing Moments In 2016

I’m selfishly writing this post more for myself than my readers, as I wanted to begin the New Year by reflecting on an amazing 12 months. From living the California dream to learning a new skill, 2016 brought lots of special moments. Here’s 16 of them.

  1. Seeing in the New Year in style — a group of us rented a stunning Georgian townhouse in Bath to kick-start 2016.


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Yosemite National Park

Sunglasses, Ray-Ban; Top, H&M; Lipstick, Sephora

After an obligatory pitstop in Vegas we headed onto Yosemite National Park – the most breathtaking place I’ve ever visited.

I mean, just look at it.

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California Dreamin’

I’m not sure whether it was listening to the surf-inspired lyrics of The Beach Boys or getting lost in pages of Sweet Valley High books, but growing up I’d always longed to visit California. And for my 30th birthday, I did.

The ubiqitous palm trees of L.A.

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Journey to “I Do”           

Handwriting invitations

Planning a wedding hasn’t left time to do much else, hence why it’s been a bit quiet around here!

So I thought, why not let you in on my preparations?!

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