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Margam Park


I visited Margam Park several times growing up, but it was only on a recent trip that I realised how lovely it truly is.

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Iconic red


The British countryside is brimming with bursts of red in the form of its iconic telephone and post boxes — so it inspired me to capture this collection of pictures!

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The Kymin

Living in Newport, we’re very lucky to have a wealth of stunning countryside on our doorstep for weekend exploring.

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Roch Castle

When you think of castles, you think of romance, drama, and imposing architecture. But how about impeccable interior design and complete luxury?

Well, I’m pleased to say that Roch Castle Hotel has it all.

Waking up a princess

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Penarth Pier

Ol and I headed to Penarth at the weekend to make the most of the sunshine. Although, as you can see from my hair, it was a tad windy!  We had lunch at Pier 64 – the satay chicken salad was amazing – before getting an ice cream on the seafront.

The recently restored pier is pretty impressive.

Penarth Pier