THEBRITISHPREP is written by 29-year-old Helen Wild, a PR and marketing professional living in Wales, Great Britain. Helen’s passionate about writing, personal style and the finer things in life, and so created THEBRITISHPREP in late 2012 to share these interests. She lives with her husband Oliver, worships Blair Waldorf, adores Taylor Swift, and has a strong interest in American culture, particularly New England.


I’m definitely guilty of not exploring what’s on my own doorstep. While hiking in Yosemite was a crucial part of last year’s California itinerary, it dawned on me that I’d never even climbed Snowdon — Wales and England’s highest mountain peak, famed for its epic views.

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Margam Park


I visited Margam Park several times growing up, but it was only on a recent trip that I realised how lovely it truly is.

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