Margam Park


I visited Margam Park several times growing up, but it was only on a recent trip that I realised how lovely it truly is.

The Park is made up of three main buildings — Margam Abbey, Margam Castle, and the Orangery — set in 850 acres of grounds. What I like best about it is there are so many pockets to discover, like the animal farm, deer herd, walking routes, and fish pond.





View from the Hillfort walk

Taking a walking tour with a wildlife volunteer was a really great way to explore the grounds, and we managed to get quite close to the deer! There are a number of different walking routes — all of which set off from the Visitor Centre. Our guide even pointed out this little guy, a rare Mandarin Duck.



After our walk, we headed to the animal farm — another great little addition to the Park, making it an ideal place to visit for families.



It was starting to get a bit chilly, so we made our way back to the ‘Castle’ (although it looks more like a grand, gothic mansion), near the entrance to the site. I remember seeing a Shakespearean play in here while I was in school and how atmospheric it was. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the Park’s upcoming events.


Margam Castle

Entrance to the Park is free, but car parking fees apply. For more information, visit

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