16 Amazing Moments In 2016

I’m selfishly writing this post more for myself than my readers, as I wanted to begin the New Year by reflecting on an amazing 12 months. From living the California dream to learning a new skill, 2016 brought lots of special moments. Here’s 16 of them.

  1. Seeing in the New Year in style — a group of us rented a stunning Georgian townhouse in Bath to kick-start 2016.


2. Turning 30 — really wasn’t so bad! I enjoyed celebrations with friends and family before jetting off to California for two weeks!


3. Hiking to the Hollywood sign the views over L.A were incredible and it was so surreal standing behind such an iconic landmark.


 4. Getting awestruck in the Yosemite National Park the waterfalls, the vistas, the Sierra Nevada on tap… is there a more breath-taking place on earth?


5. Wine tasting in Napa Valley a place where the biggest decision is whether to drink red or white is the place for me.


6. Driving the Pacific Coast Highway beats the M4, just look at those Big Sur views.


7. Experiencing this Californian sunset — this is exactly how I’d imagined it.


8. And this Gower sunrise — OK, so it’s not as spectacular as the above, but it marked the start of a 10-week photography course which saw me gain a new skill.


9. Getting a promotion at work — and generally having a great year winning lots of industry awards, working with a talented team (like this one!) and creating campaigns to be proud of!


10. Exploring Wales — taking a photography course not only helped me learn a new skill, it forced me to explore the stunning landscapes on my doorstep, like these waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons.


11. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary — and using this as an excuse to plan a romantic break at the Harbourmaster in Aberaeron!


12. Arriving in Venice by speedboat — I felt like an extra in Casino Royale.


13. Drinking Aperol Spritz on this colourful island— Burano was a blogger’s dream.


14. Being wined and dined at a Michelin-starred restaurant — these two beauties treated me to lunch at James Sommerin Restaurant for my 30th birthday.


15. Experiencing my first-ever Wales rugby game — I even wore red, green and white for the occasion!



16. Deer spotting at Margam Park — spurred on by the need to capture a good picture for my photography course final assignment, my mum and I ended up on a nature walk with a wildlife volunteer. It turned out to be a wonderful day (the park is stunning) and I got this picture.





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