Palm Springs 🌴

I can’t claim to have seen that much of Palm Springs on our two nights there. In fact, we only left the hotel for dinner. But, how can you blame us when the hotel was this cool?


Margarita o’clock (made from Agava wine)

Welcome to Sparrows Lodge – a design-led, ranch-style, luxury oasis. This has to be one of my favourite hotels, ever. Here’s some of the reasons why…


The decor: looks like a real-life Pinterest board


The pool and hot tub: complete with cooling sprinklers for sunbathing (Credit: Sparrows Lodge)


The craft beers: Ballast Point IPA was our favourite (Jumpsuit: ZARA // bumble bee necklace, Alex Monroe)


The fire pit: a perfect place to kick back on an Adirondack with a beer and enjoy the desert stars


The Barn Kitchen: serves delicious lunches and twice weekly communal dinners. (Credit: Sparrows Lodge)


The preppy vibes: spot the Smathers and Branson!


The rooms: complete with open shower and terrace


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